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reiko_niji's Journal

about me
hi :D reiko here.
Hmm..I'm 17, chinese and a total JE fan. My first love was NEWS and then it inevitably spread to Arashi and Hey!Say!JUMP. Yamada, Massu, Tegoshi, Sho and Nino are my faves!
I LOVE LOVE LOVE watching dramas. Which is probably how I got to know JE in the first place.
I mainly watch Japanese and Hong Kong dramas (yeah i'm from hk).
TVB ftw!
But Taiwanese and Korean ones are ok too.
and more about me xD
I'm a first year uni student. I've studied Japanese at school for five years and can actually manage to do fine without subs. I can also understand songs alot more!
Basically I love j-pop in general.
DBSK!! Mirotic has to be the best song and pv that ever existed!
Closely followed by どうして君を好きになってしまったんだろう.
Korean dancing is hot.
I also love manga and anime! I have literally read tonnes of different manga. Even worked at the manga section of Kinokuniya before :D
New friends are always welcome but comment here if you want to be added back! Thanks :3
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